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Last week, a friend of mine recommended a podcast that goes through the Bible in a year using a chronological reading plan. That podcast is called The Bible Recap, which is hosted by Tara Leigh Cobble of D-Group. The podcast has listeners subscribe to a chronological reading plan on the YouVersion Bible app and read a few chapters each day. Then after reading and journaling your own thoughts, you listen to the podcast and get Tara’s viewpoint of the reading for that day. She does a great job of keeping the podcast for each day about 7-10 minutes long, which is helpful for anyone who has a busy schedule. And the chapter readings aren’t long either (usually spanning about 3 pages at a time).

I had already been doing a chronological plan but I felt it would be even better doing the plan with my friend. So although I was a few days ahead, I was willing to go back in order to read in community. I think this will be a great year for Bible-reading!

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