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Birds & the Reminder of God’s Providence

Over the years, I have been reminded of God’s providence in many ways. Whether that be through spoken encouragement or random acts of kindness, I’ve seen God provide for me and show me his nearness. Lately, I have seen huge flocks of birds. Each time I see a flock of birds, I think about God’s care and his provision. I think about Matthew 6:25-34 and, in particular, Matthew 6:26, which talks about the birds of the sky and how God provides for them. He cares about all of his creation, even the birds. He provides for them, so we know that he will provide for us.

Sometimes in stressful situations, it can be hard to trust and believe that God will help us. Especially with financial issues when bills are due, and money is low. But he cares, and he will provide for all of our needs.

Although I’ve never personally experienced this, I’ve had friends tell me of how a random check showed up in the mail that covered their expenses. We have seen communities and people come together to help someone in need financially. All of this is God’s provision. His provision doesn’t apply to just financial situations. It can apply to other areas of our lives, such as our health, our careers, and more. He is always there during our difficult circumstances, leading us and guiding us along.

We all have our good seasons and our bad seasons in life. Whenever I see the birds in the sky during whatever season I’m in, I remember that God cares for them, loves them, and provides for them. He will do even more for us!

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