Dwelling in God’s Presence

Have you ever just rested in the Lord’s presence? As Christians, we know that He is with us all of the time; He never leaves nor abandons us (Deuteronomy 31:8). So we can easily enter God’s presence to rest and refuel.

I discovered an app called Dwell a few years ago, and it has easily become one of the top apps I use in order to dwell in the Lord’s presence. It is essentially an audio bible app, except with human-curated scripture playlists, passages, and stories. The app features unique voices reading in different Bible translations; it also offers soothing music that you can add in the background while you listen to scripture.

I highly recommend that you add Dwell to your arsenal of Christian apps. I recently did an in-depth review of this app, which you can check out below. Let me know in the comments how the app has helped you dwell with God!

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